6 Tips on maintaining your Double Glazing or Conservatory

After investing in a new PVCu conservatory or double glazing we advise that you carry out the following maintenance tips to minimize the effects of weather and general wear and tear. 

Here are our top six tips:

1.  Glass Cleaning  

  • Float glass, used in most double glazed units is easily scratched and it is therefore recommended that hand jewellery is removed prior to cleaning.  

  • Any proprietary household glass cleaner may be used with a soft cloth and it is recommended that heavy external grime be initially removed with a solution of soap and water. 

2.  Leaded Glass Cleaning  

  • With this type of double-glazing, lead strips are bonded to the inside and/or outside of the outer pane of the unit in a variety of patterns.  

  • Note:  External lead will oxidize.  This is a natural phenomenon and cannot be avoided.  

  • Take care when cleaning leaded lights as excessive pressure might dislodge the lead from the glass surface.  The use of warm soapy water and a soft cloth, moderately applied, will prove an adequate cleaning method.  

3.  PVC-U Frame Cleaning  

  • Wash frames with a soap and water solution, periodically as required, to remove any grime and atmospheric deposits.  

  • If required clean with a non-abrasive proprietary cleaner, suitable for plastics, using a soft cloth.  

  • If necessary, use a stronger, non-abrasive, proprietary cleaner such as a cream to remove any stubborn blemishes. 

4.  Conservatory and Porch Roof Cleaning  

  • Polycarbonate roofing panels fitted to these structures must be cleaned in a similar manner to PVCu frames.  

  • Clean gutters of leaves and debris as required, to avoid overflow of rainwater and ensure unobstructed drainage.  

  • Note:  Avoid all solvent based or abrasive cleaners.  

  • Wash roof panels with a soap and water solution, every four months, to remove grime and atmospheric deposits.  

  • Note: Do not walk on Conservatory roofs.

5.  Drainage  

  • Your double glazed products are designed with an in-built drainage system, comprising slots within the thresholds that allow any water ingress to flow to the outside.  To ensure an efficient system these slots must remain unblocked.  

  • Periodically, remove dirt, clear drain holes and check drainage operation by flushing through with water.  

6.  Lubrication of Hardware  

  • For lubrication of locks and hinges, use light machine oil periodically, eg 3 in 1 or WD40 - lubricant for moving parts.