Double-glazed windows: still the best choice and investment with climate change?

Embracing the option of installing new double glazing, or upgrading single glazed windows while renovating, is still a superb investment. Why exactly, when the planet is under threat from more extreme weather or climate change? The question is easily answered. No matter what the weather, double glazing helps to maintain efficient temperatures in tandem with other household heating and cooling systems. It's about being energy efficient and preventing unnecessary heat loss. But there are other factors to consider including your location, the way your home has been built and insulated, and even the curtains that cover your windows! Last but not least is the glass used in the windows: another essential consideration when it comes to choosing. 

Double glazed windows are created using two separate panes of glass, divided by a vacuum. This vacuum area makes an insulating barrier. Options for glass include laminated or UV tinted. In summertime, ventilation will be improved as more heat is kept outdoors. The objective in winter is to prevent important heat loss that will force indoor heating units to keep working in order to keep the temperature up as cold evenings set in.

So as we've seen, although the upfront expense of opting for double glazed windows (or those with a thermal break) may be more than for single glazed, there's no doubt that they pay for themselves in good time with reduced energy bills and a more comfortable home right away. They will also increase the value of your home. 

If you're ready to move forward with double glazing upgrade or installation, you'll be happy to hear there are all sorts of styles and materials to consider, depending on a modern or traditional look and their longevity. Check out our site section on Windows for more.

Of course, it's always difficult when it comes to deciding on the right options for your property's look. At Southern Plasticlad, our experts can assist you with advice on everything from leaded or bevelled styles to choosing a clean white or rich Mahogany look. We also cover not just windows but everything from composite doors and or tiled roof (Guardian) and glass conservatories.