How do homeowners choose amongst local window companies Bristol wide? Here are our top tips!

High quality, well-installed glazing is essential for a safe, secure and warm home. If your property’s windows and doors are in need of maintenance or an upgrade, it is well worth investing in double glazed windows that will offer lasting heat and sound insulation and enhance the appearance of your property.

While there are lots of benefits to going local, window companies Bristol residents are familiar with may only include major firms which may lack a personal touch. Finding a local reputable and reliable company for your double glazed window need not be daunting. Here we outline 5 quick tips when selecting a company for your double glazed windows and doors.

1. Referrals

Referrals are often the best way of finding a quality local window company Bristol residents can rely on. One satisfied customer is worth more than a thousand adverts and if you can speak with family or friends who have had an excellent installation of their double glazed windows and doors you are likely to have found a company who will treat you similarly well.

2. Reviews

With online searches and platforms such as Google and Facebook offering double glazed window company reviews, it is easy to appraise local and national companies for their standards of workmanship and service. Smaller and newer companies should also be able to provide references and testimonials to demonstrate their competency.

3. Accreditation

Look for manufacturer and industry certifications and accreditation for your local window companies. Manufacturer accreditation means that window firms are properly trained and experienced in installing double glazed windows and doors, glass conservatory products and garage doors, providing you with extra reassurance.

5. Guarantees

Bristol property owners can also ask double glazed window companies about any manufacturer warranties and guarantees which their contractor is able to pass on to you. Reputable companies will warranty and guarantee their work meaning that any problems will be readily and easily remedied.

If you are looking for double glazed windows and doors, Southern Plasticlad is your first choice for high-quality double glazing for Bristol property owners. Contact us today for advice and a complimentary home visit with free measuring and quotation for your new windows.