Need a new roof for your extension? We explore the advantages of EPDM rubber flat roofing

Many homes now have an extension, that extra space in which to sit and unwind or entertain friends. The flat roof extension is a much-loved room in the home, but what happens when the roof begins to leak? You may think that the entire roof needs to be replaced, but if you have a flat roof there is another roofing option: that of EPDM rubber that is designed for the flat roof. Below we explore its many advantages.

Durable and low maintenance roofing

This roofing material is suitable for use in all extremes of weather. It's long-lasting and on average can last up to 40 years. The other good news is that unlike other flat roofing materials it does not attract the growth of algae or moss, meaning that it needs very little cleaning.

The environmentally friendly option

If you want an environmentally friendly flat roof then you can't go far wrong with EPDM rubber as it is made from recycled materials. So it looks good and is BBA certified, meaning it is of high quality.

EPDM rubber will not crack or blister

This flat roofing material will look just as good in thirty years time. It can cope with extremes in temperature, can easily cope with wet and damp weather, and it will not rot.

It is flexible

When you choose EPDM rubber, you are choosing a flexible option that can be fully customised to your flat roof. This means that it will easily accommodate any natural building movement, and can be used on a roof that features a skylight.

Here at Southern Plasticlad, we can install Rubberbond EPDM for your flat roof extension. To find out more about our flat roofing options for your extension, please get in touch with us today.