Reducing impact: How to make your roof more eco-friendly

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or looking at contracting out a larger commercial job, the roofing you choose has a massive impact on the environment and your energy bills. Therefore, ensure the contractors you use prioritise this as much as you do. At Southern Plasticlad, we believe that the best building practices are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Take a look at our top tips for reducing the impact that the installation of your roof has on the environment:

Rethink the insulation

Thermal insulation is the best defence against the British weather, but it is also a great way to make your house more energy efficient. This benefits the environment because it keeps energy use to a minimum, as well as minimising your energy bills. At Southern Plasticlad, both our tiled and flat roofing use the highest quality insulation products and install them to your personal specifications. If you are looking for an innovative solution that emphasises energy efficiency, then have a chat with our experts. 

Don’t forget maintenance

Day to day maintenance is a must. Keep vegetation growth to a minimum, as this will keep guttering working freely. Try to ensure that glass conservatory roofing is kept clean and clear, as this will ensure daylight is allowed through, and reduce electricity use. At Southern Plasticlad, our expert team will work with you during consultation and installation to show you the best way of maintaining your new roofing. We specialise in systems that are easy to maintain and offer longevity, and since we only use employed installers, rather than sub-contracted labour, you can be sure you are talking to an expert on the products we use. 

Make sure that your eco-friendly solution works for you: get in touch and have a chat [] with one of our experts today.