What are the benefits of new PVCu Windows & Doors?

High Security

Our Multiple locking system on all windows and doors will give you high security and peace of mind in knowing that your home is as secure as possible whenever you leave.

Improved Comfort

Replacing your windows can greatly improve the comfort of your home. During the winter months our windows and doors will keep the cold air out and the heat in, which will increase the warmth of your home.  During the summer months our windows and doors can help keep your house cooler.

Reduced Sound Transmission

Not only will our new windows and doors reduce the noise from outside coming into your home but will reduce the amount of sound that comes out of your home.  No more listening to busy traffic and no more angry neighbours when you want to party!

Financial benefits

Probably the most important of all benefits for most people.  Replace your old windows and doors with our windows and doors you should immediately see a difference in your heating costs.

Another financial benefit is the return on your investment.  There are many reports that indicate replacement windows rank as one of the top five returns on investment out of all home improvement projects.

Low Maintenance

And of course there is the low maintenance aspect of our new windows and doors, if you are removing wooden windows and replacing with PVCu, you will enjoy the freedom of no more painting.

See before and after images of one of our recent installations below, showing a remarkable improvement.