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What's The Right Type of Window For Your Home

What's The Right Type of Window For Your Home

Because of the latest innovations made to cater to different consumer needs, there are many key features applied in windows that help us have a better value for money. The modern window is usually made of energy efficient double glazed glass that helps to reduce energy bills and make your space more appealing. Still, there are many aesthetic options available and we have listed some of them for you to choose from.

Casement Windows
Casement windows are permanently mounted into place. They are hinged at either side and are operated using a handle. This type of window can be opened outward for full ventilation. To protect your room from elements, screens are installed on the inside of the home. Casement windows can effectively save energy when they are closed and locked.

Timberlook Flush Fitting Window Sashes
The window style can be operated using the two movable sashes, which fits flush into the frame. It replicates the appearance of traditional designs, which makes them ideal for modern townhouses, country cottages and even historic and conservation projects. This uPVC window system also provides better insulation for your property, helping minimise energy and heating costs. 

Awning Windows
Hinged on the top frame, awning windows are swung outward using a handle. It enables circulation of air freely without letting in rain or falling leaves. They are usually installed over doors or alongside other stationery and operating windows, adding a distinct character to the room.

Picture Windows
Picture windows are windows that do not open. They are installed in areas where airflow is not that important. Its large glass panes bring in ample natural light and highlight an unobstructed outdoor view. 

Slider Windows
This type of window opens horizontally, providing easy ventilation. It is a popular choice for contemporary style homes, with its easy-to-open gliding mechanism. Its window glazing also improves insulation and energy efficiency, lowering your energy consumption over time.

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