Why you should always opt for double glazing

Choosing the type of glazing for your new windows and doors is an important decision due to the aesthetic value and appeal it can add to your home. Not only does the glazing need to look attractive, but it needs to be resilient in order to last for years to come. There are many benefits to choosing double glazed windows and doors, and here are just some of them. 

Energy efficiency

Up to 25% of heat can be lost through windows. Double glazing wastes less energy by reducing draughts and improving temperature control, which could save a huge £140 a year on energy bills for the average detached home. Double glazing is also a lot better for the environment as it can reduce your carbon footprint. You can, therefore, enjoy beautiful new double glazed windows and doors whilst doing your bit for the planet. 

Noise reduction

Another key benefit of double glazing is its ability to reduce external noise by up to 31 decibels, the difference between typical speech volume and a whisper. Your house may be situated on a busy road, where the traffic noise often keeps you awake at night. By putting double glazed windows in your bedroom, you can enjoy peaceful sleep that is completely undisturbed. 

Increased security

Double glazing also provides maximum security in comparison to single glazing. Unlike single glazing which weakens over time, the super strength of double glazed front doors will deter intruders and transform your house to make it feel like a true home. 

Reduced condensation

If you have started to notice condensation on the inside of your windows, it is time to get a replacement. This can result in the development of mould, causing rot to wooden frames and damp in your property. Double glazed windows can help prevent condensation build-up and provide improved insulation. 

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