Why you should choose a flat roof for your new extension

If you are planning to build a new home extension, you need to think carefully about your roofing options. Flat roofing is a popular choice, for many good reasons. Below we explain why a rubberbond EPDM flat roof is the perfect solution for your new extension.

A roof that lasts

Flat roofs used to have a bad reputation, but technology has now moved on and modern flat roofing systems stand the test of time. Rubberbond EPDM roofing has a generous guarantee of 20 years and has the ability to last even longer.

Cost effective and space saving

One of the main benefits associated with flat roofing is the cost, they are much cheaper than pitched roofs. Coupled with this is the fact that a flat roof does not require all the pillars and supports of a pitched roof, creating more internal living space.

Low maintenance gutters

Flat roofs makes it very easy to clean the gutters, as they are easier to access with a smaller surface area. The roofing material repels rainwater and the accumulation of dirt and debris. 

Incredibly durable against wind

Finally, this type of roofing is incredibly durable in extreme weather conditions, especially high winds. This is why flat roofs are often used in areas of high altitude. It is strong, flexible and can be designed to fit the exact shape of your extension.

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