Tiled Roofing

Tiled Roofing

Quick and easy installtions to give your flat roof the ultimate Protection and durability...

Here at Bristol-based Southern Plasticlad we only use top-quality products like Proctor Roofshield which is unique, three-layer, nonwoven, spunbonded, polypropylene breather membrane with a patented melt-blown core.  It is intended for use as a pitched roof underlay and is fixed beneath tiles and slates.

Roofshield provides a secondary barrier to the ingress of rain, wind and snow.  It has a low vapour resistance and is air-permeable; additionally, it eliminates the incidence of interstitial condensation in pitched roofs.

The combination of low vapour resistance and air - permeability eliminates the need for low and high level ventilation.  It also negates the need for a vapour control layer or air barrier fixed at ceiling level.  This is a basic requirement with other inferior - performing products which are air impermeable and have a significantly higher vapour resistance.

The produce provides the most cost-effective solution to controlling interstitial condensation in a pitched roof.  The exclusion of ventilation and a vapour control layer eliminates the additional expense of buying extra components and paying for the labour to install them.

With all new roofs we always install an eaves protection system using 25m x 38m tanalised battens.  We can either use the traditional method or mortar to install hips, ridges and verges, or we can offer a dry roofing system which extends the lifetime of your new roof.

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